What do I do if I don't know what Agent MLS ID to add?

For any imported listings to be associated with an agent, the agents MLS ID needs to be added to their profile. For ListHub imports, it is possible to add the MLS ID to the profile even if you don't know what it is. To do this you'll need to be an admin or listing editor for your account. 

1. Get the MLS number for one of the agent's listings. 

2. Search for the MLS Number in the Luxury Lounge on the all listings page and open it if you find it. 

3. Go to the agents tab. You'll see the imported agent info and you'll be able to select the matching agent profile from a select menu.

Note: If the imported agent info doesn't match the agent you want to add, stop and email [websupport@luxre.com] for help. 

Completing this process adds the Agent MLS ID to the profile, and all the listings from the same MLS will be associated to that agent.

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