Why is the address and not title in the property search results?

The reasons why we have chosen not to use title in the search results in the redesign are aplenty, and these are the main ones.

1. Data quality

Out of the 60,000+ listings currently on LUXRE, a third of them (20,000+) are imported from US broker associations through ListHub. Some, but far from all of these include title. Because title is part of the data syndication standard they have all agreed on, the ones that don't have title need to construct titles before they are syndicated. They construct titles based on data that they do have, like for example property type. That means that we receive thousands of imported listings with these kinds of titles:

Examples of imported listing titles

This is a problem on a number of levels. Most importantly, it's not helpful if you're searching for a home in a particular community if all listings have the same title. We want the titles to be unique so that they mean something. It's also not helping creating interest among the visitors to click the link to view more. As a matter of fact, it DECREASES the interest in clicking on the link to view the properties. For boutique companies, it is feasible to ask agents or their assistants to log in and manually update these titles, but many of these member companies are very large, and when the listings affected counts in the thousands, it is not realistic to ask of them to update all of them manually. Because of this, we have had agents from dozens of member companies ask us to please change to use street address instead of title in the search results.

2. Internationalization

We will complete the redesign and finalize the translations before we make a push to market LUXRE in different markets that isn't primarily English speaking. One of the big changes under the hood of the redesign is enabling LUXRE to be multi-lingual. A majority of the visits to LUXRE come from English speaking USA, Canada, England and Australia. We want to change that and attract more traffic from non English speaking parts of the world. In doing so, we are moving towards using as many interface elements as possible that doesn't stick out as an English language sore thumb when the language is changed. For reasons outlined under the data quality section, it is not feasible to ask members to maintain and translate titles from English to all other languages for all their properties.

3. Design consistency across devices

Most members that upload their listings manually in the Luxury Lounge write short and consistent titles. However some members write very long titles:

Examples of very long listing titles

Now picture needing to come up with a design that works on large showroom displays, desktop and laptop computers, tablets and phones. Not to mention upcoming apps. See this screenshot showing a single featured property in a project we're working on:

Example of featured listing in phone app

Not only are those long titles inappropriate for the reasons outlined above for data quality and internationalization, they are also impossible to use consistently over a number of different devices and types of applications.


Weighing our options, in search results, we want to use something that is unique to the listing, that translates well, and that can be used consistently across different websites and applications, regardless of screen size. Because of the issues outlined above with titles, address is a better fit.



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