How do I create an agent/invite a colleague to

If you are an admin, you are able to add agent profiles within your company. To add a new agent, click the "PROFILES" tab at the top of the Luxury Lounge. Then click "Profiles" under "Administration" and press “Add an Agent.”

Fill out the information (must have first name, last name, and email). After you save the profile, an automatic welcome email will be sent to the agent's email address, which includes login information and a randomly generated password.

You can also choose which profiles are public on by going to and checking the check boxes to the right of the agent profile (note that their profile must be completed with name, email, address, bio, website, phone numbers, and photo in order to be made public). Keep in mind that your membership may only allow a certain number of public profiles to be online - contact if you have any further questions.

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