What information do I need to provide once the Jumbo Featured Property is reserved?

Once payment is in and the Jumbo Feature is scheduled, you will be asked to send the following to pr@luxre.com:

  • A link to the property on LuxuryRealEstate.com (not an external site)
  • A high resolution image of at least 2048x1536 pixels with the property front-and-center and some breathing room along the edges, or a link to a dropbox folder with the photos

All of this needs to be in by 12:00 noon PST on the Wednesday before the Feature runs.

Also, since only specific kinds of photos can be used in the homepage slot, we may follow up and request a new photo if the initial one doesn't work. Also see What kind of photos can I use for the Feature? for details on what kind of photos can be used.

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