How do I set up a ListHub feed?

Listhub will automatically feed your listings to so we can set it up with your account, but first you need to make an account on

Listhub is a FREE service that assists with listing syndication on the Web. If you are new to ListHub, go to, click “Create an Account” and fill in the information, then click “Complete Registration.” Note that you must be a head broker of record or the listing agent of an MLS registered brokerage in order to create an account. Once you’ve completed registration, you will be pending approval, which may take up to a week, since ListHub verifies every account with the MLS/data source. Be sure to check your email account given at registration for confirmation that your account is active and for any additional instructions.

Watch the How To video at

If you already have a ListHub account, you can just log in.

Then, once your account is activated, click “Settings,” then “Affiliate Codes” and enter: luxre. Then go to the blue “Marketing Choices” tab and select “Publisher Choices.” Once there, select and click “Add Selection.” Soon after we will receive your property information and your properties will automatically populate on within 24-48 hours.

It is very important to make sure that the appropriate ID numbers are entered for all agent and office profiles on, so that when the properties from ListHub are sent, they will attach to the correct profiles. If there are no IDs entered, the properties will be attached to the company page, but will not be listed under the agent or office it is affiliated with. You can add all ID numbers through editing your profile in the Luxury Lounge - see How do I add my agent ID to my profile? for more information.

If you're having trouble or the listings don't automatically populate, please email

Browse ListHub's official YouTube channel with other How To's at

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