What sort of news can be included in the Week in Review?

With the intention of keeping balanced and relevant information for the extensive world-wide readership of our Week in Review, all press releases must adhere to the following guidelines:

News from the Network:

  • Includes news on recent awards or nominations, charity events, other philanthropic endeavors, new marketing strategies, website renovation, etc.
  • Must be in a formal press release format (not a blog style write up)
  • At least two paragraphs in length
  • Photographs are encouraged

Significant Sales:

  • Each member may have one Significant Sale included per week
  • Significant Sales must be above $2 Million USD, unless otherwise significant in your specific market (please specify)
  • Something pre-written is strongly preferred and will be given priority
  • Please include the following information: at least one paragraph describing the listing, agent name and contact info, list or sale price, a photo, and any other relevant material

Industry Moves:

  • Includes new luxury agents joining the company, newly opened offices, company expansions, etc.
  • Limited to one per member per week (you may have multiple agents/news in a single press release)

To see our archive of past WIRs, please visit www.luxuryrealestate.com/news/week_in_review.

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