How do I improve my profile or listing noteworthy score?


There is a variety of information that goes into the noteworthy score for specific profiles, so your best bet for improving the noteworthy score is to simply add as much information to your profile as you can – including social media links, year established, phone numbers, certifications, Featured Properties, Service Areas, Agent IDs, etc. A high resolution photo also raises the noteworthy score a lot. When editing your profile, if you click “Details,” a yellow box will show up and prompt you to add specific information to help improve your profile’s noteworthy score.

In addition, the average noteworthy score of your property listings greatly affects your profile’s noteworthy score, so it may be wise to work on raising your property scores.


For information on how to raise the Noteworthy Score for a specific listing, log into the Luxury Lounge and select the listing you are interested in. If our system identifies missing fields that could help your score for this listing, it will be listed in a yellow box at the top of the page.

If your listing was created manually in the Luxury Lounge, then you should add in the missing information there. Clicking on the blue links in the yellow tips box (shown above) will take you to the pages where you can make the appropriate edits. If your listing was submitted from a feed, then it is better to make your changes directly to the feed.

Note that your manual changes will override any future import data, so if you change something in the feed but you added different information to it in the Lounge, the info added from the Lounge will be what’s shown on the public property page. 

In the above screenshot, the address from the feed is 3218 W Lake Sammamish Pkwy SE, but manual data has been entered in blue. Thus, this property address will be listed as "example." To change the details back to the original info sent from the feed, click the green arrow to the right of the field or to revert all data back to the original information from the feed, click "Remove Manual Data."

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