How do I take my listing offline? How do I delete a property?

To take a listing offline, AKA “archive” it, log in to the Luxury Lounge and select the property under the “LISTINGS” tab. Click on the title or  icon to edit it, then click “Details” on the right hand side. On the details page there’s a button titled “Archived” – to take the listing offline, check the box or select “Yes” from the dropdown menu. Click “Save” and the property will go offline. 


Archiving a listing will take it off, so deleting it is not necessary. However, if you'd still like to delete it completely, follow these instructions:

To delete a property, you must first archive it. Once the listing has been archived, you’ll have the ability to delete it from the Luxury Lounge. Go to the “LISTINGS” tab in the top menu of the Luxury Lounge, click the “Offline” tab above the list of properties, and find the property you’d like to delete – you can browse or search for it. Once it has been located, press the red button to the right of the listing you’d like to delete. After it is deleted, the information cannot be saved, so make sure you are deleting the correct listing.

If you continue to have trouble, send all information to and we will help out.

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